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VIVA Information Security

Site under construction

The VIVA information security site of the University of Freiburg is currently under construction.

We are working on the site and look forward to sharing more with you soon about information security in general and at the University of Freiburg in particular.

VIVA: What does that mean?

VIVA is an acronym based on the four main protection objectives of information security:
  • Confidentiality (german: Vertraulichkeit)
  • Integrity (german: Integrität)
  • Availability (german: Verfügbarkeit)
  • Authenticity (german: Authentizität)


These protection objectives help to classify questions and measure regarding information security. Hence, they allow for a structured approach for developping technical and organiziation solutions.


What is information security? Why should I pay attention to it in my private and/or professional life? General information on IT-security.

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