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Mails and information security
Recognising and countering dangers In a new video, Information Security Officer Dr Marc Herbstritt talks about potential dangers in email communication
Effectively fend off hacker attacks
How to protect business computers against threats from the internet! In a video, Information Security Officer Dr Marc Herbstritt explains how to protect yourself against hacker attacks and how best to react in an emergency.
Interview with Marc Herbstritt
How good data protection can succeed Today, digital information is used in almost every field. But how can it be sensibly secured? Klaus from uniONLINE spoke with Dr. Marc Herbstritt from the university's computer centre about secure passwords, backups and spam emails.
Conference with Eva Wolfangel
An exciting lecture by information security expert Eva Wolfangel.The "cybercrime" author Eva Wolfangel reports on the many ways criminals can easily obtain data and money via IT security vulnerabilities as part of an information security awareness campaign at the University of Freiburg (too long).