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Conference with Eva Wolfangel

An exciting lecture by information security expert Eva Wolfangel.The "cybercrime" author Eva Wolfangel reports on the many ways criminals can easily obtain data and money via IT security vulnerabilities as part of an information security awareness campaign at the University of Freiburg (too long).

In the lecture, she reports on cybercrime from different perspectives. From an IT security researcher from Ukraine, to a victim who lost a lot of money through social engineering, to a meeting with a perpetrator himself, a so-called "money mule", a digital money launderer.

Through the stories, Wolfangel wants to sensitise the public, because it is not only technical gaps that allow a hacker to get hold of sensitive data,- it is also social factors. Addressing the university members present, she recommends sharing this story and also critically trying to understand how attackers with malicious intent can access information they might be interested in and how to protect it.